Skates and passion

42 years of skating, a group of formidable athletes, a skilled team, a desirable palmares. The only thing that matter? A passion that we can’t stop.


Say hello to the guys

These guys decided to wear the skates and follow us with their time and sweat.
Time and sweat, passion and satisfaction in return.

Daniel Morandin

Birthplace and date: Savona, January 10th, 1988
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 72 Kg
Specialities: Solo Dance, Couple Dance
Trainers: Ezia Signorini, Beatrice Lotti, Lorenza Residori
Choreographer: Giuseppe Arena

Daniel is our most awarded athlete. Since 2007, when he joined the Seniores, he became a 6 times World Champion, 6 times vice World Champion, 3 times European Champion and 8 times Italian Champion. The CONI association awarded him with the ``Athletic Value Gold Medal`` 3 times.

Nicola Marenda

Birthdate: April 21st, 1997
Place of residence: Maserà di Padova
Starting date: 2002

Mantra: Make your passion the reason to face your days, even the darkest ones! It will make you proud of yourself.

Déjà Vu Group

Choreographer: Daniel Morandin
Trainer: Ezia Signorini
Our Show Group is born in 2016.

DEJAVU MEMBERS: Chiara Babetto, Federico Bottaro, Lara Casotto, Valeria Danieletto, Gracia Maria Gallina, Nicola Marenda, Gaia Maritan, Ilaria Michelon, Eleonora Moro, Giorgia Moro, Aurora Nicoli, Filippo Scotton

Valeria Danieletto

Starting date: 2003

Mantra: The sport tempers the character, teach how to bear the failures and how to appreciate the goals reached.

Gaia Maritan

Birthdate: February 17th, 1999
Place of residence: Polverara
Starting date: 2011

Mantra: There are also good drugs. Sport is one of these.

Manuel Schiavon

Birthdate: 2001
Starting date: 2010

Mantra: Never settle.

Ilaria Michelon

Birthdate: 2000
Starting date: 2008/2009

Mantra: You need grit, perseverance and a lot of humility.

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